4th annual business meeting


Step by step improvement: boosting efficiency, developing standards, managing quality

09-12 September 2014

Sofia, Bulgaria

MSB is proud to announce the 4th annual Shared Services Center Business Event, “SHARED SERVICE CENTER: INTEGRATING THE BEST PRACTICES” which will take place September 9 to 12 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Attending the event will be leading SSC Directors from Russia, CIS and Europe who will join together to share experiences, discuss current trends and look together at what the future holds.
Sofia or “The land of the golden apple” is a charming sunny European capital. It is the land of mountains, golden beaches, fragrant roses, royal wines, ancient pottery works and fascinating surrounding nature. Rapid economic development and stability is turning Bulgaria into an attractive business region. This sunny city is very conveniently placed, has a business positive tax policy along with a highly talented employment pool from which to draw.
This 4th annual business meeting will grant you a unique opportunity to visit the innovative and world class Coca-Cola Hellenic Business Services Organization. The center serves 22 countries and 3 head offices; and it recently assumed control over financial and HR functions. The group will have an excellent opportunity to witness the day to day activities of this SSC and meet its top management. Participants will be able to drill into questions and discussions to learn from a world class institution like Coca Cola.
Following the visit a benchmarking session will take place where participants can exchange their impressions and ideas and get valuable feedback
In the framework of the 4th annual meeting, the conference “SSC in financial institutions” will take place.
This new trend in SSC utilization is garnering intense interest in the financial world at the moment. European and Russian experts will share best practices for organizing and optimizing SSCs, in improving communications and strategy, function design and designation, and working with various business units in financial institutions.
After an intense and robust program our guests will have a chance to continue networking in an informal environment and spend a weekend on the Black Sea. Sea breezes, velvet beaches, and Bulgaria’s unique and delicious national cuisine will allow you to relax, recharge and come back to work with new plans and ideas.
The schedule for the business meeting is the following:
9th September 2014 – conference “Implementing and developing a centralized model in financial institutions”
10th September 2014– reference visit to the Coca-Cola Hellenic Business Services Organization
11th -12th September 2014 –business meeting “Innovations in SSC” – cross industries

The business meeting will allow you to:

  • Visit and tour the Coca-Cola Hellenic Business Services Organization in Sofia
  • Participate in the benchmarking session following the BSO visit and get ideas for your own organization
  • Build a competent communication model between SSC and customer units
  • Avoid conflict of interests during the centralization of business functions
  • Analyze the regional competition in the SSC market and channel it to boost the center efficiency
  • Improve SSC business processes through HR management and strong corporate culture
  • Discover potential mistakes at various development stages and secure your SSC from repeating them
  • Draft and adjust a reanimation plan of inefficient centers
  • Expose yourself to global trends in digital technologies for the SSC
  • Discuss the details of introducing SSC models in financial institutions


  • SSC Director
  • Deputy Director SSC
  • Head of Client Service
  • Head of Service Control and Development
  • Financial Director
  • Deputy Financial Director
  • Chief Accountant
  • Head of HR Projects
  • Head of IT
  • Director on Strategic Planning
  • Development Director
  • Director on E-document Integration
  • From:
  • Leading companies from various industries
  • Banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Holding companies
  • Companies with a multi branch network
  • Consulting companies
  • IT companies
  • Software providers
  • HR agencies


For questions about registration, accreditation and media support, please contact Natalia Azarova
Sponsoring the business event IV Annual conference SHARED SERVICE CENTRES: INTEGRATING THE BEST PRACTICES Conference will position your company effectively to communicate with key professionals and decision makers from leading companies. For more information, please contact the Sponsorship Department.